Why R-G-T?

R-G-T Offers Dedicated Delivery Service

R-G-T Plastics offers same-day delivery service within 100 miles. Worry-free transit, with no freight invoice to process, saves you stress, time & money!

In addition, we provide pick up service of molds from your troubled suppliers (when transferring them to R-G-T), reducing your timing & costs!

Problem Parts / Mold Transfers

On our very first project, a key customer experienced issues with a lighting assembly…  The incumbent molder was not capable of providing parts to-print, due to both tooling and process issues.

Through a scientific problem-solving approach, R-G-T was able to identify the root causes and correct them in a matter of days.  Our customer saved valuable time and money, and as a result comes straight to R-G-T for their molding needs!

Short & Long Production Runs

With the manufacturing world getting smaller and smaller, it seems all molders are seeking only long production runs to cover their costs. R-G-T believes that in order to be a successful molder, you must be competitive on both short and long runs.

Through lean activities, and a well-managed overhead cost structure, R-G-T will meet your needs on cost while maintaining the highest standards of quality and delivery.  Why go overseas when the best option is right here?

Art to Part

Utilizing our long years of experience and technology, we assisted a military customer with a new product development project, which lead to a revolutionary product introduction – and new business for R-G-T.

Plated Products

Producing components destined for a plating process post-molding can be a challenge, as surface finish and geometry must be precisely right.  R-G-T has established the gold standard for surface management with close attention to the baseline process and quality management.
From Art to Part.